Excursion to the medieval settlement of Vessa

Vessa is one of the best preserved medieval villages. An afternoon walk in its alleys offers the visitor the opportunity to admire its unique architecture, its ornate arches, the old village square and its excellently preserved gate. After the walk, you should not forget to make a stop in the central square of the village. There you do not have to worry about finding a shady place, since its large mulberries make sure to offer the cool shade that we always desire. There you will be able to taste local products of the village and of course the local suma!

The ornate arches will take you to a setting taken from a fairy tale.
The main square of the village is the right place to enjoy your coffee or snacks.

Of course, we can not fail to mention the special events of the village. Every year, on the afternoon of the 5th of August, after the evening liturgy in the chapel of Christ, a small celebration is held that includes delicious traditional delicacies accompanied by the local suma. Also, on the 15th of August, another celebration is held in the old square of the village. Excellent setting to enjoy your coffee. Because, how would you know a place without knowing its traditions and gastronomy?

The local suma is one of the most famous products of the village.

If you belong to the travelers who, apart from relaxation, don’t miss the opportunity for exercise, Vessa is an ideal destination for you as well. The paths of its valley will give you the opportunity to walk, run or ride a bike among the mastic trees that are currently fragrant. In any case, you can take a break with an energy drink in one of the chapels that you will most likely meet on your way. If you want to raise the level of difficulty, you can turn to the mountains that surround the plain of the settlement. At their tops you will find the windmills of the village. For those of you who would like to get there without much effort, we have good news: Both places are accessible by car. Whichever way you choose, the view will compensate you.

Mastic trees are currently fragrant
Enjoy a walk on the paths of the countryside ...
... and take a break in one of the chapels you will meet.
The view from the mills is magnificent
The best time to visit them is at sunset.